16 December 2009

Rant of the day: DHL is seriously flawed

I recently had to send an important document from Austria to New Zealand.

I went to the local Austrian Post, and selected the EMS (Express Mail Service), which cost me 59 Euros to send a letter weighing 70 gm. I knew that this was outsourced to DHL, so assumed it should reach the destination reasonably quickly -- and I could follow it with the tracking number.

So, imagine my surprise when I learned that an item I had submitted in Vienna on Friday 11th of December had only reached London Heathrow by Wednesday 16th of December.

Thats FIVE DAYS to go from Vienna to London. And it still hasn't left on the plane for New Zealand!

I am seriously unhappy with the service from DHL, and plan to avoid using them in future. I've asked them for an explanation, but I doubt one will be forthcoming.

To see for yourself, check the URL:


The AWB number is 9653805361. Is this some kind of record for tardiness?

DHL, please fix your broken system!

/rant ends

Update: the package arrived on 21 December -- a total of TEN DAYS after I sent it on 11 December. I think this is the last time I use DHL, or the Austrian EMS which resells their service.

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