24 October 2007

Helping startups get started

I decided on a new project for 2008 -- helping Internet startups to get started.

I've prepared a paper about this on my static web site: http://www.gillingwater.org/.  

Here's my pitch:

I'm a high-tech entrepreneur and University lecturer, living some 15 years in Vienna, with the experience you need. I have a business license, a well-used MBA, and several years as a “Geschaeftsfuehrer” in Austria. I have taught and mentored many young business men and women over the years, and continue to enjoy teaching and sharing ideas.

I have started three high-tech companies – computer manufacture (1982), Internet Service Provider (1990) and IT security consulting (2001). Two of them are still operating, but no longer need my full attention – so I have time to work on new projects starting in 2008.

I can advise you and your team on business strategy, help draft business plans and budgets, design your infrastructure, review your marketing campaign and solve your technical or people issues.

I can guide you through the legal and taxation issues within Austria and the CEE markets, or can explain the finer points of TCP sliding window side effects within tunnelled protocols – and many questions in between, too.

I'm not expensive up front – I'm willing to work for equity plus operating expenses in your company, but don't plan to be your primary investor – I'll leave that to the V.C. specialists and private equity funds. I'll also be happy to sit on your Board of Directors, and take the lead in presentations to customers or potential investors, if you wish.

My primary goal will be to make your ideas succeed, and articulate your vision in a cost-effective and realistic approach to the market – while insulating you from the dull details of setting up a business in Austria (or Slovakia if you prefer.) I can hook you up with specialist Legal and Taxation advice, and also assist with customer acquisition (on a “commission” basis.)

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